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The Rooster Dilemma 

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 A few years ago Quincy, Massachusetts was met with a quandary.  An old family in town, who had been raising chickens for many years had several complaints about the noise made by their roosters. Once the farm had been isolated but given the growth of Greater Boston, new subdivisions had grown up around the farm.  Children from those families had come to the farm to watch the chicks and find hidden eggs, and many of those families relied upon the farm for their own fresh eggs. But the racket of roosters crowing all the time was more than one or two families could take.  Within weeks of moving into their homes, they filed nuisance noise complaints against the farmer and his family.  Shortly the town governing board met and decided that within the bounds of Quincy there would be no roosters unless they were surgically de-voiced.  This was an expense the farmer could not afford, and so the roosters left the farm.


Shortly thereafter the farm went out of business.  They didn’t need the rooster to have eggs to sell, but a major part of their business was the selling of chicks, and for that you do need active roosters.  It’s not affordable to do homebased artificial insemination, and it’s much easier to let nature take its course. Not long after that the farm was sold, and the real life experience of seeing chicks learning from hens, and the joy of starting a new flock was gone for the whole town. All because no one in the governing board knew, and no farmers were in the area to explain the truth about roosters.  – They become white noise in your life after a time. Where once they disrupted your day, the crows soon disappear into the backdrop of life, and life goes on, crows and all.  Do you notice the “tick tock” of an analog clock?  Or the sound of an air conditioner after a few days?  Such is the way of farm noise, too. 


And now you know why I’m writing this blog.



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