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Trying to find healthy food for your family can be a struggle. Packaging is so appealing, and labels are so misleading.  The best way, if you have time, is to make it yourself, along with growing it yourself. The next best thing is to buy it from a local source, someone who grew it, or made it from ingredients that they source locally.  Why? Because the most a food is processed, the more salt and sugar it gains and the less nutrition it retains. 

Deciding to buy “organic” may seem like the best solution, but take a look at who owns the “organic” food chains:




This was sourced from Cornucopia Institute, with attributions to Michigan State University.
(Click on image for a larger image )




It used to be that organic foods were made in small batches by “earth crunchy” people. But as the market share grew larger, they were bought out by Food Giants with more money and less dedication to the philosophy of organic.  The same thing happened with the entire “organic industry,” when the National Organic Standards were created, but that’s another blog, another day.


When buying from a conventional store, or a conventional corporation, your priorities and theirs will be different.  Personally I want food that’s going to taste delicious, even though it might not look as pretty as something at the store. You can find these tasty treats, such as Gravenstein apples, or Cherokee tomatoes, at organic garden stores, or at local farmstands, but they don’t travel well. Nor do they hold their flavor through their travels from farm to store and to your house.




Another reason to buy locally raised food if you are concerned about food quality, not just price is shown by this image:


(Found on alternet. Click for larger image.)


You can see how consolidated the food system, which means it’s more about the corporate bottom line than healthy families.
  The longer food is off the vine, or the stalk, or the hoof, the lower quality it becomes. Meat usually ages for a couple of days, but fruits and vegetables tend to lose nutrition as they sit.  If you want fresh food, with the best nutrition and lowest planetary cost, grow or make it yourself.


Your food choices are political choices, too. Just last week Monsanto received approval to stop testing for the presence of glyphosphate (Roundup) in food meant to be eaten.  This paves the way for more “round up ready foods,” those which have been genetically engineered to fights weeds and pests.  It also wounds pollenators, such as honeybees, all the more, as hives are weakened substantially by the presence of RoundUp in their vicinity.  This decision was made by the new USDA head, regardless of the fact that the USDA and the EPA were working together to start testing for glyphosate residue in corn syrup this year . That was a two year effort, abandoned as soon as the new administration took over.


Why corn syrup? Because much of the processed food we consume contains high fructose corn syrup, so anything found in corn could wind up in your diet. 

This is just one part of learning to understand food choices. More is coming. Thanks.



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