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About Me and Hames & Axle Farm



When I started as an environmental educator I had visions of oceans and mountains, not farms.  But my life experience and a Grand Hand had other plans, and soon I became a farm education specialist. Eventually it lead us, my husband and I, to create Hames  & Axle Farm, an educational service for farm education.  But that didn’t last long, thanks to standardized testing, so Hames & Axle Farm wound up as a goat farm.

Now we’re a goat farm, a soap making business and still an educational service, using the Internet as our classroom. If you want to learn more about the farm, check out

Hames & Axle Farm, Ashburnham, MA USA

To learn more about the soap, please visit

Surfing Goat Soaps

To learn more about goat education visit

Personal Milkers: A Guide to Nigerian Dwarf Goat Keeping or

Goat Curious?